The Vision Program is endlessly thoughtful and gets to the root of what is holding us back from living our lives with joy and inspiration and doing the work we are here to do.

Melissa Quantz

This program helped me zone in on what gave my life joy, and also to enjoy the PROCESS of my discovery. This is a life-transforming program, it made me go into myself fearlessly. I realized that ‘I am’ the gift I am here to give the world, now my challenge is to live that out.

Cecilia Chen

I have been dancing around my work for years, doing anything and everything to avoid actually doing it. The Vision Program gave me the courage to finally look my work in the eye, name it, and own it! Your work is yours and no one else’s – no one can do it better than you.

Vanessa Sheren

The Vision Program was not just a program, it was an experience – an experience of self-discovery and self-awareness. I was asked questions I never thought to ask myself and to look at things from a very different perspective, from deeper within myself.

Grace Lee

I now have a true understanding of my value in the world and how I will contribute through my work. I also know and like myself more. The Vision Program opened my eyes and my heart to parts of myself that I have rejected for a long time. This experience has been deeply transformative.

Rebecca Eames

The Vision Program is very well laid out, every week I was eager to discover more about myself and the journey that I was on. Now knowing my purpose, vision, and mission, I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Jesse Pauls

Coming out of the Vision Program I am a stronger, braver, more empowered woman. I am now clear about my personal strengths, my values, and my purpose in life – and know that I need to use all of those things to create work that I love that has meaning to me.

Jory Miller

Vision Program

The Vision Program is a guided step-by-step journey to discovering, creating, and living your inspired work. Gain clarity about who you are and what you have to offer and create work that provides the opportunity for you to make your valuable contribution to the world.


Vision 1: Discovering your inspired work

Fall in love again (or perhaps for the first time) with the idea of work. Yes, it is possible. It all depends on your story. This course will help ground your life in meaning by having you connect with your deepest purpose (hint: it’s not something you “do”). You will become centred within yourself by clarifying your highest vision for your work, and for your life.

Vision 2: Creating your inspired work

You have more to offer the world than you might think. You were born with valuable gifts. You may have forgotten what they were, but you have them. And you have dreams – big dreams. Perhaps you have forgotten those, too? This course will help you remember. Through your own creative process, you will use your dreams as the seed ideas for developing work that allows your gifts to be shared with the world.

Vision 3: Living your inspired work

This is when it gets really exciting, when your work becomes real. This course will help you develop your valuable offering and build the support that will help you continue the journey long after the program is over. We close by celebrating you and honouring the decision you made to do your real work in the world.
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It’s never too late… until it is

You were born into this lifetime exactly the way you are with intent. The gifts you have to offer are needed by the world. The fulfillment you seek is the fulfillment that comes from doing work that is aligned to who you are. Do not let your life pass by without living your own truth.

Be who you are in the new world.

It’s time.