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Discover your inspired work

Ground your life in meaning by connecting with your deepest purpose and clarifying your highest vision for your work and for your life.

Create your inspired work

Realize your dreams by creating work that provides the opportunity to do what you love and share your gifts with others.

Live your inspired work

Bring your work to life by developing a valuable offering, building your support team, and making your contribution to the world.

The Vision Program

The Vision Program is a guided step-by-step journey to discovering, creating, and living your inspired work. Gain clarity about who you are and what you have to offer and create work that provides the opportunity for you to make your valuable contribution to the world.

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Be who you are here to be. Do what you are here to do. Live the life you are here to live.

Open the door to discovering your inspired work

The Vision Program is a powerful transformational journey. If you are ready and willing to do the exciting work of discovering your true self and bringing who you are into the world through your work, then take the next step and apply for your complimentary Discovery Session.

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The Vision Program is endlessly thoughtful and gets to the root of what is holding us back from living our lives with joy and inspiration and doing the work we are here to do.

Melissa Quantz

After taking the Vision Program, I went from feeling unfulfilled and stuck in my career of 13 years to creating a lifestyle in complete alignment with who I am and what I love. Discovering that my work is an extension of me, not separate from me, encouraged me to pursue my dream of running my own business and start teaching what I am passionate about. The Vision Program helped me discover the difference between work and INSPIRED work. Realizing the difference literally changed my life!

Tanya Bryant

The Vision Program is one-of-a-kind and it changed my life forever by opening up my heart, and my world, to my inspired work and set me on an incredible journey of discovery. I am so grateful to Kiley for her school and her vision to guide others towards their inspired life. I cannot recommend this program highly enough, it is a true investment to start living a genuinely fulfilling and exciting life. You deserve this – we all do.

Emily Williams

This program helped me zone in on what gave my life joy, and also to enjoy the PROCESS of my discovery. This is a life-transforming program, it made me go into myself fearlessly. I realized that ‘I am’ the gift I am here to give the world, now my challenge is to live that out.

Cecilia Chen

The Vision Program is very well laid out, every week I was eager to discover more about myself and the journey that I was on. Now knowing my purpose, vision, and mission, I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Jesse Pauls