Transform your valuable life experiences and skills into a rewarding wellness practice

Do you worry your wellness practice is going to be “just like everyone else’s”? Do you feel inadequate in your ability to serve others? Are you overwhelmed with the challenge of building a business? Are you unclear about the special qualities you have to bring to your field of practice?

The solution is simple: build your practice around YOU. It is important to build a practice unique to you because it is the path to finding meaning, clarity, and joy in your work. Then your business becomes an expression of who you really are and you become generously compensated for simply being yourself. It just so happens to have the lovely side benefit of you being in the greatest service to others.

This workshop is intended to serve all wellness practitioners including nutritionists, coaches, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, massage therapists, energy healers, doulas, and other healing modalities.

In this three-part, interactive workshop, you will:

1. Clarify your focus and direction

With clarity, your efforts in building your practice become purposeful and powerful. In this workshop, you will gain clarity in your work by connecting with your purpose, vision, and mission. You will also learn to identify your strengths and gifts so that you may make best use of your talents. As well, you will understand how your life experiences have served you so that you may, in turn, use what you’ve gathered to be in highest service to your clients.

2. Identify your ideal clientele

Based on what you have lived, you are designed to serve a very important group of clientele. Those who are attracted to your practice will be so because they will be able to relate to you and your story. In this workshop, you will identify who are the clients you serve best and you will be able to articulate how who you are and what you offer meets their specific needs and fulfills their desires.

3. Create your valuable offerings

Your work is to take your clients on a transformational journey. Only you have the specific experiences and important skills and knowledge to take them where they want to go. In this workshop, you will learn how to package your knowledge into services or programs that inspire your clients to go on that journey with you. You will also learn how to price your valuable offerings in a way that is rewarding to both you and those you serve.

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