What would make you uncomfortable?

Rappelling down a rock face? Walking a slackline? Sunbathing at a clothing optional beach? Good. We are going to do all three! Does this thought put a knot in your throat? Butterflies in your stomach? Sweaty palms? Dry mouth? Good. It means you are alive. 

When we become overly enamoured with our comfort zones, we stop growing, and to stop growing is to stop living. When we expand our own boundaries of what we believe is possible for ourselves, then we become aware that the only limitations in life are the one’s we put on ourselves. To expand our comfort zone reminds us of the true expansive beings that we are.

Sometimes we try to convince ourselves that what we want is to feel “safe”. That thought comes from our minds, however, whereas our hearts yearn for adventure – that feeling of excitement we crave comes from living beyond our own edge.

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