Nourishing your “life” deficiency

By September 6, 2016Inspiration

I was surprised it had come to this. After years of working intensively to grow my business, I had become depleted. I was concerned as my business is to help people create their inspired work, yet I was feeling uninspired. I needed to address what was lacking in my life.

For the majority of my time, I work alone in my home office on beautiful Bowen Island, an oasis just off the coast of the city of Vancouver. It is a luxury for which I feel fortunate, but sometimes I long to be around the energy of other people. So every now and then I wander over to my local pub to do some of my strategizing. This particular afternoon was one of those times.

I was sitting at my favourite table near the window with my head down, scribbling in my notebook until the smell of sweet potato fries being delivered to the next table caught my attention. I looked up and commented, “Those smell good.” The gentleman who had ordered them kindly offered to share them with me. I said, “Oh, no thanks, I have them often.” “You live here?” he asked. I replied, “Yes, are you visiting?” He was here from Edmonton. As we continued our conversation, inevitably we began to discuss our work.

He was here on a “working” vacation as a folk musician recording an album with a local music producer. He had made the decision only recently to embrace his dream of being a musician. I was delighted to hear his story as I am an encourager of people living their dreams. In turn, I told him about my work and how I help people figure out who they are and what they have to offer the world. He was keen to know more.

He pointed at my notebook and asked me what I had been working on before we started talking. I admitted that I had been dreaming up what I wanted the next year of my life to be like and number one on my list was adventure! I confessed I had been so immersed in my business for years that I had begun to feel as though I was missing out on actually living in the world. This lack had resulted in a voracious craving for playing outside and having outdoor adventures. He commented that I must have had an “adventure” deficiency. We laughed about it being similar to a nutrient deficiency. Our bodies wisely know what it is we are missing and create a desire for the very thing we need to replenish ourselves. Having my head “in the books”, so to speak, created an imbalance in my life, and to compensate, my whole being had been yearning for what I had been missing.

To feel inspired again, I needed to integrate what was lacking into my work. I decided to create a series of workshops to focus on both the inner work of inspired living while also playing in the great outdoors. This is what is brilliant about one’s inspired work. It is the work that can evolve to meet your needs as they change. By finding a way to fulfill my own desires in my work, I was able to nourish the deficiency and replenish my joy for life.

Are you aware of there being something missing in your life? Friends? Community? Play? Money? Family? Love? What can you do to nourish your deficiency and incorporate more of it into your life and your work? Let us know in the comments below.

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