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If you want your work to feel more meaningful and you are frustrated because you don’t know what that looks like or how to figure it out, the introductory classes are an opportunity to begin to do the inner exploratory work necessary to gain the clarity you seek. You will also learn the steps you can take to discover, create, and live your inspired work.

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Vision Program: Introductory Class [Vancouver]

February 20, 2017

When I joined the Vision Program: Introductory Class I felt trapped in my job and the redundancy of my everyday life. I ached with the knowledge that I was meant for more, and I was desperate for someone to help me find my way. By the end of the class I knew that Kiley was the person who was going to help me. In this class she helped me find peace in my present and breathed hope into my future. She started me on the journey towards occupying my heart and building an inspired life of my own.

Tanya Brayer