The landscape of work is blossoming

We no longer have the ability to tolerate doing work that feels meaningless. We have awakened to the desire for our work to be purposeful and fulfilling. However, it is not work that brings meaning to our lives, it is we who bring meaning to our work. 

This evolution is about reframing work as an act of love – toward others, but more importantly, toward ourselves. Work is not something to endure, it is a glorious opportunity to share who we are with the world. So, our real work then is to know deeply who we are.  

Many struggle with finding clarity about their work because they are looking out into the world for the answers, but your work is not “out there”. Your work becomes evident through a journey of inner self-discovery. One where you release all of the old limiting stories of who you thought you were and you embrace the inspiring story of who you are here to be. 

When you approach it from this inside-out perspective, your inspired work becomes that which is the truest expression of you. Your inspired work is YOU.

Introductory Class

Wednesday, September 29

7:00 to 8:30 p.m. PDT


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Join this introductory class and learn how to discover, create, and live your inspired work.

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