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Your vision is your beacon that guides you

Just yesterday, I had one of those moments that rocked my boat, so to speak. I live on Bowen Island, a small island just outside the city of Vancouver. It is a vibrant community teeming with entrepreneurs and creators. Most months I attend a mastermind meeting for women in business and what I heard at our gathering yesterday caused me to tilt.

The topic of conversation was actually about the group itself. We were questioning if, as a group, we were clear about our purpose and vision and if we were making best use of our monthly meetings. When it was suggested (by someone other than me) that we do some clarifying work around this, one of the members interjected, “I’m not going to spend two hours of my life on visioning.”

I was taken aback by her comment. She didn’t want to give two hours to clarifying the purpose and vision for the group? In my Vision Program, I ask people to commit three months of their lives to clarifying their purpose, vision, and mission.

If anyone had glanced over at me in that moment, they would have seen me frozen in my chair with my eyes glazed and my mouth agape. Well, there it is, I thought, people don’t know how clarifying their purpose, vision, and mission directly impacts their life in a profound way.

Of course, I understand where her comment was coming from – she is busy, focused on growing her business and only has so much time in a day. I also understand that she couldn’t see how giving her short-term attention to this process would actually benefit her business and her life in the long run. It is obvious she is a woman of action. Action is great, however, if we are acting without clarity, our energy is scattered, and therefore our actions are ineffective, and thus our results are scanty. Having a clear purpose, vision, and mission is what gives our actions both power and direction. It is your reason for being, your reason “why” behind what you do. It is they way you align what you do in the world with who you really are.

Alignment is the only way you can be of true value to others because when you are in alignment, you are inspired and flowing life-force energy through you, and then you actually have something to give.

It’s not news to any of you that we are living in unstable times. This is even more reason to be grounded in your purpose, to be aligned with your vision, and to be focused on your mission. It is what will keep you steady and moving forward in your life despite what is happening around you. When you have clarity about who you really are, you are not swayed by what others are doing. You do not allow the news of the day to drown you in negativity. You stay on course, true to what you are creating in the world. 

Ultimately, this is about being the captain of your own ship. If you just let the seas take you adrift, you may never find your way to fulfilling your heartfelt desires. If instead, you spend a relatively short amount of time in your life getting clear about who you are, what you want, and why you want it, you then have a beacon that will continue to guide you on the course of living your inspired life.  

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