Can you make a living doing your inspired work?

By July 13, 2016February 25th, 2020Inspiration

I’ve had several conversations recently with people who are either on the verge of putting their inspired work out into the world, or are seeking to discover their inspired work, and both hold the same fear – can I make a living doing my inspired work?

The flawed premise in this question is the belief that you – and your work – are separate from all that is. That who you are is not enough. That you are not inherently valuable. This is a scarcity consciousness.

Shift this perspective to one of abundance…

You were created from the same source that created all that is – a place of true abundance. You were perfectly designed to make a valuable contribution to the whole using your unique set of talents, strengths, and gifts. Who you are is on purpose.

In this video, I talk more about why when you put your inspired work out into the world, you will be well paid to be exactly who you are.

Question: Are you willing to accept that who you are is needed?

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