Inspired work is the most challenging work you will ever do. Or is it?

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For years I held the belief that inspired work is our most challenging work. It is the work that is in alignment with who we really are, so the challenge is that this work will require us to face all of the ways we’ve been limiting ourselves from living into the truth of who we are.

It occurred to me recently that this belief itself was limiting and causing greater challenges in my work than necessary and perhaps it was time to let it go.

Question: What is a belief you are holding about work and is it serving you?

2 steps to living an inspired life

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1. Upon waking each day ask yourself, “What am I inspired to do today?”
2. Do that.

I already know your question. Whenever I enter into this conversation with almost anyone, inevitably I get asked, “That sounds great, but how do I make money?” My answer is always the same, “Simple. Create something of value to offer people, and then offer it.”

In an inspired life, there is no distinction between life and work. You are simply living and acting in alignment with your truth all of the time, and for a portion of that time, you are being paid to be who you are and do what you love.

There is a disconnect in our society about our ability to be rewarded for that which we love to do. But what if the very thing that inspires you was also your most valuable offering to others? Actually, this is exactly what’s true, but not enough people believe it, so most prevent themselves from ever pursuing what truly lights them up. Before I come off sounding too idealistic, I recognize this is another one of those pieces of advice that falls into the “simple, but not easy” category.

Some of the most challenging work you will ever do is if you choose to discover, create, and live your inspired work. It requires dedicated time and space to explore who you are and learn what it is you have to offer. It takes even more time to create your valuable offering. And once you have done that, then you must commit your life to the giving of it. When you live this way, however, you open to allow the full flow of life-creating energy to move through you. This is what it is to feel inspired.

To be inspired literally means to be “full of breath” and breath is the equivalent of life. When we are full of life, our natural inclination is to want to give. By sharing your worthy offering with the world, the result is for you to receive. This is how you make money from living an inspired life. But making money is not the goal of living an inspired life, only the result.

What living an inspired life means to me is that every decision is made from a place of desire and excitement. Inspiration is one of the best indicators we have to gauge if the choices we are making are in alignment with our truth. Have you ever given yourself the opportunity to follow your path of inspiration? What do you think would happen if you did? You may just end up getting paid to do what inspires you.

Reclaim your power from your wounds

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Your emotional wounds may be causing you to make decisions about your work from a place of fear, leaving you continually dissatisfied with your situation. When you do your inner work and face your wounds, then you can reclaim your power and begin to make decisions about your work from a place of trust.

Question: What is driving your decisions about work?

Not feeling motivated? Good. Be inspired instead.

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Are you struggling with taking action because you’re not feeling motivated? Good. Motivation is not the state from which we want to take action.

In this video, I compare and contrast “motivation” and “inspiration”. One is about taking action from a place of fear and the other is about taking action from a place of trust. From which state would you prefer to take action?

Question: If you were making decisions from inspiration, what would your next action be?