A school for people to discover their gifts – and to share them with the world

A school is a metaphor for a “place of discovery”. It would be easy to say that the idea for this school appeared one day over brunch, but the truth of it is that it was an idea that was a long time in its becoming. 

Prior to the inception of this business, I had been questioning the purpose of my life for years. It was a query that invited me on a journey of self-exploration in the hopes to discover who I was and what was the real work I was here to do in the world. At that time, I was teaching business, however, I felt I had a bigger contribution to make, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was or how to figure it out.

In search of clarity, I ventured down many different paths and sought to gain insight from others whose work inspired me. One of those people was the educationist Ken Robinson. It was his book I was reading one morning as I waited for my brunch date to arrive. The warm sunlight beamed in the window and across the pages I held in my hands when a sentence jumped out at me. “There are no schools for people to discover their gifts,” it read. I took a sharp inbreathe and my heart began to race. I knew it was exactly what I was going to create. 

From where I now stand, it’s easy to look back and see that it was an idea that had been forming over a long period of time, but it was in that moment of illumination when my next steps crystallized. And without knowing where they were going to lead me, I took them. I set forth on an adventure to bring this business to life and it has been an unfolding journey of inspiration beyond that which I could comprehend at the time.

Now my invitation is for you to allow the school to support you on your own journey of self-exploration in your desire for purposeful work and making your greater contribution. This is what The New School for Inspired Work is – a place where you discover your gifts and you create work that allows you to share them with the world.

I look forward to seeing you here.