Inspired work is when who you are and what you do are the same

I love questions, but there’s one I don’t love being asked, “What do you do?” When I am faced with that question, I always have to take a deep breath before responding. It is challenging to explain to most other humans that my only real work is to be inspired. I have a slightly (very) different definition of work than is commonly used in our society. I see work as an opportunity to rediscover the truth of who we are.

Most humans muddle through life based on a distorted story about themselves. They believe they are lacking. They believe they are unworthy. They believe they are insignificant. They believe they are powerless. They use their work as an attempt to prove otherwise. I know because for a long time (far too long), this was also “what I did”. Now I know better. 

When we release these wounded (and untrue) stories, we free ourselves to be who we really are. We live into stories of abundance, worthiness, significance, and empowerment. And of inspiration, let’s not forget inspiration. From there, work becomes a vehicle to create ways to do things that allow us to be who we are. The New School for Inspired Work is not “what I do”, it is a container through which I share who I am with the world. 

If you still want to know what I do, I do a lot of things. I hike in the forest every day. I see people as who they really are. I create environmental stewardship plans. I coach people to clarity. I lead outdoor adventures. I advocate for community economic development. I explore my own consciousness. I design games. I teach about inspired work. But none of these activities fully encapsulates the wholeness of me. They are simply how I show up in the world when I’m being me.

So when you and I meet, you will never hear me ask you “what do you do”, but I will ask a lot of questions to discover who you really are. I can’t imagine what else my work would be for.

Kiley is a talented teacher, an insightful guide, and a remarkable coach all rolled into one. Not only that, she’s refreshingly authentic, always sharing the unfiltered truth won from her own life experience.

Lucie Bohan

Kiley truly breathes inspiration.

Simone Wilson

Thank you so much for the tools you have given me and more importantly for your support, Kiley. I am now getting to my deeper being, to who I really am, what I want, and how I want to show up in the world.

Paige Royal

Kiley, thank you for being you and for helping me grow into myself more fully and completely, and for lighting the way on this journey of articulating my vision.

Miel Richtscheid