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Realization is the experience of living with the awareness of who you really are. The journey to realization is a very personal experience for each individual, however, there are some common themes that arise for many.


It feels like you’ve lost your passion.

You have. For all the old human constructs of what you believed your passions to be. As you let them go, you will spark a new passion with more fire than you ever knew possible simply for the living of life itself. Lit.

It feels like your life is being ripped apart from within.

It is. Your old patterning and conditioning were limitations. They need to be ripped apart. As you allow yourself to feel the chaos and turmoil within, you will also unblock your underlying joy. Hallelujah.

It feels like you are going crazy.

You are. You are making the beautiful transition from living from your mind to living from your soul. As you expand your awareness of who you really are, the mind is no longer useful. So give thanks for its service and kiss it goodbye. Mwah.

It feels like you are grieving the loss of a thousand lifetimes.

The grief is real. As you come into who you really are, the essence of all the lives you have lived are also letting go of who they thought they were and coming into their own realization. Bittersweet.

It feels like you’ve lost all reason to live.

Yep. Because anything outside of yourself no longer has meaning. As you continue to go within, you will discover that the realization of your existence is the only reason there ever was. Bliss.

And lastly, if you ever have any doubt about any of this, then you know you’re on your way. But you can let go of the doubt, too. It’s no longer necessary. You already know who you really are. Now allow yourself to realize it.

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